A alleged member of the St Catherine based gang ‘One Order’ was sentenced to nine years imprisonment on Wednesday for participating in a criminal organisation.

Aston Daley, otherwise called ‘Daley Boy’, a senior member of the One Order Gang, is the second person to be convicted under the Criminal Justice Act in the St Catherine Circuit Court. Daley was charged with participating in a criminal organisation on Saturday, September 23, 2015.

A member of the Clansman Gang, 22-year-old Jordan Markland was earlier this year sentenced to 10 years hard labour under the anti-gang law.

The One Order and the Clansman gangs operate in the St Catherine North Division and its environs.

Since the start of 2017, the following persons have been charged from the Clansman Gang under the Criminal Justice Act.

1) 27-year-old Kalifa Williams, otherwise called, ‘Barba’ of Oxford Road, Spanish Town

2) 35-year-old Damion Johnson, otherwise called, ‘Violence’ of Railway Premises

3) 35-year-old Ricardo Nicholson, otherwise called, ‘Pung’ of Railway Premises.

4) 56-year-old Glenbert Campbell otherwise called, ‘Godfather/Gafel’ of Railway Premises.

5) 22-year-old Damaine Elliston, otherwise called, ‘Damhead/Gary Boy’ of Oxford Road