Manager of rising star Shenseea, Romeich Major, credits the young diva’s success to hard work, talent, and good management.

Recently, dancehall artiste Insideeus criticised Shenseea for her overnight rise in the music industry, alleging her success is partly due to favours from Romeich.

Insideeus stated Shenseea is more than just an artiste to Romeich Entertainment. He has also released a single What If in which he alleges the young beauty is Romeich’s lover.

Romeich, while not specifically speaking of Insideeus, said he met Shenseea who started to work for him as a promotional ambassador.

“This girl started to work for me for about six months, and I didn’t know anything about her because it got to a point where I was so busy that I didn’t have time to deal with my ambassadors,” he said. “But people always saying that she work hard. Then her friend came to me one day and said she is an artiste. I said OK, but I still didn’t recognise her talent.”

He said he only recognised her talent after a social media post she made drew his attention.

“One day, she posted a video and was singing, then next she post a video, deejaying. I said ‘Yow, da gyal ya bad’,” Romeich explained.

He quizzed Shenseea who said she didn’t have management.

“I got the right people to fix her rough images and guide har on key and transformed her into a proper artiste,” he said.

Romeich said he used his skills, drawn from promoting corporate companies and events, to marketing Shenseea. He also rubbished claims she was rising too fast.

“You only peak too fast when you don’t have anything to follow up. She is nowhere in her zone right now and she still nuh tour the world, so she nuh peak. Everybody has it to say that no artiste can buss inna six months, and that is the reason why they criticise her,” he said.

Romeich also advised dancehall artistes to invest in their careers and managers to do their jobs instead of standing on the sideline with negative comments.

“She (Shenseea) has a team and a good manager and the important thing is that she bad. She can sing and write, plus she is hard-working,” he said.

Shenseea recently won three awards at the recent Youth View Awards, namely Young Hot and Hype artiste, Break Out Celebrity of 2016, and Collaboration of The Year for her song Loodi, featuring Vybz Kartel.

She was also recently verified on Instagram.